Reinforcing our Commitment

“343 Reasons” On September 11, 2001, all fire departments in New York City and surrounding suburbs responded to the disaster at the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Grabbing their gear and racing to the call to rescue and help thousands of people trapped in the burning Twin Towers. 343 firefighters confirmed their training fears that all firefighters encounter when they enter a burning building, the “Fear” that is on the back of their mind is the fear of the burning building they enter, will collapse and end their lives.

On this day the entire FDNY responded to the call and even those who had plans on their day off grabbed their gear and entered the city to rescue those in need. One firefighter, after being on a 24-hr. shift canceled his golf game with his brothers and went back to his Brooklyn Station to find his truck and team had already left. Not to be left behind he drove to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Upon arrival he found the tunnel closed so, he grabbed his 65 lbs. of firefighter gear and ran through the 1.7-mile Tunnel. Unfortunately, he was among many whose bodies were never recovered. It is this unselfish dedication to their profession putting their life on the line to save others that they are “Never to be Forgotten”.